Sulfuric Acid



Sulfuric Acid is the most widely used chemical in industrial applications including the production of gasoline, fertilizer, chemicals, paints, batteries, and many more. Chemtrade pioneered sulfuric acid production in the U.S. with its first full-scale contact acid plant in 1913. Chemtrade is currently among the largest North American suppliers of sulfuric acid. A basic industrial chemical, it is used in the manufacture of titanium pigments, fertilizer, synthetic fibers, steel, petroleum, aluminum sulfate, paper and many other products.


Chemtrade produces a variety of sulfuric acid products such as Tech Grade Sulfuric Acid, Electrolyte Grade Sulfuric Acid, and Oleum from our network including plants in Augusta, GA; Anacortes, WA; and Richmond, CA.


Sulfuric Acid’s multiple properties of acidity, reactivity and corrosivity, in addition to its sulfur content and its affinity for water, make this product so highly versatile that it is used, either directly or indirectly, in nearly every industrial process in the world.

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