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- Model X40 - X50 - Fertiliser Spreader



The MATRIX 840 GS console displays all 6 SULKY sections, showing each section appear and disappear in turn as the spreader moves across the plot. The X40 and X50 ECONOV fertilizer spreaders are equipped as standard with the continuous weighing function for automatic calibration of the dosage and they also incorporate the ECONOV function as standard. A fertilizer distribution area is not straight. Analysis of this fertilizer distribution area shows a crescent shape offset behind the machine. The ECONOV innovation involves managing the adjustment for this fertilizer distribution area in real time with 6 sections, each of which is managed independently. The fertilizer distribution area is adjusted to take the shape of the plot by displacing the dropping point onto the disc using electrical actuators. Controlled by a GPS signal, ECONOV treats each section with the aim of eliminating any under- and over-applications in triangular areas and in headlands.

TRIBORD 3Di: an intelligent solution for field edges

The new TRIBORD 3D-i – 'i' for 'intelligent – is part of the ECONOV pack (create link) TRIBORD 3Di is the first 'bi-mode' system (Yield or Environment border) and is operated from the tractor seat using the VISION console. Its very simple principle involves moving the patented SULKY chute with a highly accurate electrical actuator, in order to feed a 'border' blade built into the right-hand spreading disc.

Together with ECONOV, the new TRIBORD 3Di incorporates adjustment settings from FERTITEST (fertilizer type and working width). The travel of the electrical actuator therefore adjusts automatically to the working width and the type of fertilizer being spread, giving even more accurate border spreading.

* The superior accuracy of the TRIBORD 3D System has appeared in comparative European tests published in La France Agricole on 29/04/2011.

RTS: automated settings in just a few clicks

Although they incorporate top-of-the-range technologies, the X40 and X50 ECONOV remain ultra simple to adjust due to the RTS device (SIMA 2013 citation). These 'connected' fertilizer spreaders incorporate the online FERTITEST.

This service on the SULKY website is accessed free by the farm PC. More than 500 types of fertilizer are listed on the website. Even if the product is not recognised, the FERTITEST search function provides for this by searching for similar products.

The user can record his/her adjustment data on a simple SD memory card or USB stick. When this card is placed in the VISION console, with just one click the X40 or X50 ECONOV fertilizer spreader undergoes 100% automatic adjustment.

Greater working widths and easier settings!
The new 'extra wide' range from SULKY, when used with fertilizer with suitable physical properties, is able to achieve a width of up to 44 metres (X40) or even 50 metres (X50).

The X40 and X50 ECONOV fertilizer spreaders are capable of reaching application rates of 520 kg/min, making spreading at high forward speeds possible, even at a high dosage. With a weighing frame and on-board VISION console, they provide the ultimate in comfort and application rate accuracy.

The added comfort comes from the fact that manual calibration testing is no longer necessary, as this is taken care of automatically from the cab. With its unique, integrated, 100% stainless steel sensor, your SULKY fertilizer spreader is accurate to the nearest percentage point. The VISION console features an integrated SD card reader, allowing you to save plot information.

The only limit to the amount of historical data you can save is the capacity of your SD card (not supplied). It can also read and apply recommendation charts to change application rates between plots. The VISION console is also compatible with a wide range of precision agriculture standards (e.g. Greenstar, Agrimap+, Cerelia, Satplan, Farmstar, etc.).

Standard equipment

  • ECONOV pack: VISION WPB weighing device + TRIBORD 3Di + Ready to Spread®
  • MATRIX 840 GS console + ECONOV electrical control
  • Category II, 3-position clevis linkage
  • Angled stands for loading
  • Walterscheid 540 rpm transmission with slip clutch
  • Angle gearboxes guaranteed for 3 years
  • Dual opening anti-clod screens
  • Road lighting integrated into the hopper
  • Side, front and rear signal panels
  • Calibration test kit with easy-to-read application rate calculator
  • Overlap kit and granulometer
  • Angle indicator for late spreading
  • Stainless steel safety rail as standard
  • Set of “high durability” vanes

NB: specify the set of blades required (18-28 m, 24-36 m, 32-44 m, or 40-50 m)

  • Hopper extension
  • Folding hopper cover
  • Anti-compaction baffle for ammonium sulphate and rye-grass
  • Parking wheels
  • Power take-off 1,000 revs (X50 only)

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