Sulky Burel

- Model X40-X50 - Fertiliser Spreader



The new 'extra wide' range from SULKY, when used with fertilizer with suitable physical properties, is able to achieve a width of up to 44 metres (X40) or even 50 metres (X50). Developed following new numeric techniques of observing spread pattern charts in 3 dimensions (CEMIB test at the CEMAGREF), the EPSILON System provides you with a very high level of precision spreading. The newnotched and different length vaneshave thisexclusive patented EPSILON shape. Once taken up by the vanes, the fertiliser divides into 2 distinct streams, each stream on one level of the vane. With 2 vanes per disc, each disc is therefore creating 4 layers that naturally overlap each other. Result: the renowned SULKY « multi-overlapping » is obtained with less sensitivity towards setting errors, fertiliser quality variations…

EPSILON System : innovation concerning spread pattern quality !

The  ”stepless” adjustment of the fertiliser placement point onto the discs is extremely easy: by moving up the graduated quadrant, the spreadwidth increases, and vice versa. For precision and even more simplicity, SULKY has fitted the X36 with large setting quadrants made from inalterable synthetic material and an ergonomic lever easily read from a standing position. For your safety and comfort, no movement of the discs or vanes is necessary.

Fertiliser flow : excellent rate control !

  • The stainless steel, pressed hopper base holds the oscillating rate regulator. It absorbs shocks, as the spring tine takes up the oscillating movement of the rate regulator when the shutters are closed, during headland manoeuvres in particular.
  • Patented, this system regulates therefore the rate while keeping granule quality, which is indispensable for quality spread patterns. Furthermore, you will see that the V-shaped form of the hopper base enables complete emptying of the fertiliser !
  • The rate shutter has been redesigned and now enables stepless rate adjustment from 3 kg to 1200 kg depending on the speed and spreadwidth. With a flow rate possible of 520 kg/min, the X40 and X50 is able to obtain impressive work rates !

TRIBORD 3D : the new intelligent device for border spreading !

  • Without leaving the tractor and while on the move, you are now able to adapt your border spreading to your field, keeping up yields while taking into account environmental restrictions :
  • If one of your borders is alongside a watercourse, a residential area etc..., you can spread in the « environmental border » mode, in accordance with the environmental norm EN 13739, even if the last few metres are under the full rate.
  • if the border in question is alongside another field, SULKY‘s exclusive innovation, the TRIBORD 3D avoids wasting any fertiliser. Then, with the “eco-intensive” mode, from the cab, you maintain essential of your yield and the quality of your harvest. full-width » mode lets you easily get back to your pre-set large width spreading.

Four equipment levels: a solution for all needs!

  • 2 DE hydraulic control for the hopper doors.
  • Electrically controlled weighing device for the hopper doors.
  • For more information, see the dedicated VISION-X WPB weighing device page.
  • Weighing device with STOP&GO system for automatic right/left control of the fertilizer distribution area. This version of the STOP&GO system includes a MATRIX 570 guidance bar. It is ISOBUS Ready. For more information, see the dedicated STOP&GO page.
  • Weighing device with ECONOV system for automatic 6-section control of the fertilizer distribution area. With this system, exclusive to SULKY, the fertilizer distribution area is managed according to its actual form, i.e. in a crescent-shape. This helps to optimise sensitive areas such as triangular sections and headlands. For more information, see the dedicated X40 and X50 ECONOV page.

  • Category II, 3position clevis linkage
  • Angled stands for loading
  • Walterscheid 540 rpm transmission with slip clutch
  • Angle gearboxes guaranteed for 3 years
  • Dual opening anticlod screens
  • Road lighting integrated into the hopper
  • Side, front and rear signal panels
  • Calibration test kit with easytoread application rate calculator
  • Overlap kit and granulometer
  • Angle indicator for late spreading
  • TRIBORD 3D system with electrical incab control
  • Stainless steel safety rail as standard
  •  Set of “high durability” blades on X50 (variable on X40, depending on model)
  • Specify the set of blades required (1828 m, 2436 m, 3244 m, or 4050 m).

NB: door order to be specified on the order (hydraulic or electronic regulation VISIONX WPB, STOP&GO or ECONOV)

  • Hopper extension
  • Folding hopper cover
  • Anti-compaction baffle for ammonium sulphate and rye-grass
  • Parking wheels
  • Power take-off 1,000 revs (X50 only)

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