SUMA Rührtechnik GmbH

- Model Giantmix Z4 - Medium Sized Tractor-hitched Agitator


The SUMA Giantmix Z4 is our medium sized tractor-hitched agitator used mainly for open and closed manure containers. The Giantmix Z4 can be fitted with an optional hydraulic swiveling cylinder for closed manure containers that have openings approximately 1.6 m (5.25 foot) width.

  • Standard tube lengths 5, 6 and 7 meters
  • Tube Ø 120.0 x 4.0 mm galvanized
  • Drive head HY for one direction of rotation 
  • Universal hitch frame for open and closed pits  
  •  Push propeller, galvanized: Ø560 / 580 / 620 / 660 mm
  • Tractor power 72 - 130 kW (100 - 180 HP)

  • Bearing casing with mechanical seals SiC/SiC
  • Reversing gear unit for operation in forwards or reverse direction: Propeller max. Ø560 mm (1000 rpm)
  • Swiveling cylinder
  • Protection ring Ø92/80 (for lagoons) 
  • Wall frame for liquid manure channels (70x70 or 80x80)

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