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Over the last ten years, Trio seeding OSR has become the norm rather than the exception on many UK farms. This has resulted in a large percentage of the UK's OSR being established in one pass, saving both time and money, along with the added bonus of moisture retention and more often than not a welcome yield benefit.Fitted to a Trio the Sumoseeder enables one-pass establishment of OSR directly into stubble, greatly reducing the cost of production without compromising seedbed quality.

  • Radar for accurate speed measurement.
  • Twin electric fans supplying individual air for each row.
  • Push button calibration procedure.
  • The Sumoseeder comes with a fitting kit which includes rear steps, seeder mounts and sensor mounts.
  • 6 adjustable seed outlets to allow band or full width sowing mounted in front of the packer.
  • Electronic hopper low level sensor with cab alarm.
  • 120 litre hopper with lid.
  • Integrated calibration tray.
  • Forward speed display.
  • Work rate display.
  • Areameter.
  • Fan speed alarm.
  • In cab variable seed rate adjustment.
  • Waterproof cover.

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