- Strake - Versatile Machine



The Sumo Strake is a versatile machine which offers a multiple of benefits. The even distribution of chaff and straw combined with mixing with soil is essential when encouraging the growth of unwanted seeds including blackgrass. The 15mm carbide tips, combined with powerful spring tines prove an ideal combination when wanting to achieve a shallow tilth. This disturbance will provide the ideal conditions for the rogue seeds to chit. The superior frame build quality and tine design allows forward speeds of 10 – 25kmh giving unrivalled performance even in the hardest ground. Prepares the stubble for the next pass which makes drilling, cultivating or ploughing easier due to even trash distribution.

  • Hydraulic tine angle adjustment.
  • Heavy duty frame and headstock.
  • 45mm x 10mm heavy duty spring tine.
  • 15mm Tungsten Carbide tips.
  • Hydraulic tine angle adjustment.
  • 75mm tine spacing.
  • Reduces slug population.

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