Hisarlar A.S.

- Rotary Tiller



Used after the harvest to cultivate the soil and to prepare the ideal seedbed without the need for additional equipment. The tiller is equipped with a compatible yet powerful gearbox. A varied tilling depth (5 - 22 cm) can be easily set with the adjustable roller side pins.

High quality vertical blades are used. With the chisels located at the front, the Cobra Rotary Tiller crushes the hardpan and redirects the soil to the blades for processing. It helps preserve soil consistency for a longer period of time. It levels the soil and destroys bumps caused by incorrect cultivation. It mixes crop residue evenly into the soil. The Cobra Rotary Tiller makes it convenient to prepare the soil for the next crop.

Since it completes all of this work in one go, it provides huge savings on fuel, time and equipment investment.

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