Super-Comfort Dairy Cow Stalls


Our Super-Comfort Dairy Cow Stalls are custom designed to maximize the use of space in your barn. We balance this efficient use of space along with the comfort of your cows. We precision manufacture our dairy cow stalls for durability and strength. These cow stalls are able to withstand the constant strain of cows leaning on and bumping them.

  • Super-comfort stalls
  • High neck rail available
  • 2 inch galvanized pipe construction (120 wall)

In addition to manufacturing high-quality dairy cow stalls, we will also install and maintain the cow stalls.

Studies have proven that lying down is critically important for a cows energy and blood circulation for the udder. Our dairy cow stalls are designed to allow your cows to lie down, stand up, and bob their heads all in complete comfort. Call us today for a consultation on the layout and design of your dairy barn.

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