- Model 30-0-0 - Complexed Nitrogen Nutrients



SUPER NITRO with MCT is a complexed nitrogen source that can be applied by foliar application, according to label directions, without the risk of phytotoxicity. It can also be soil applied for nitrogen release while keeping it stable in the root zone. It reduces nitrogen losses from leaching and volatilization. SUPER NITRO® enhances cellular respiration that promotes a longer  productive crop life.

Now you can improve the uptake and efficiency of N-P-K applications, thanks to HUMA GRO® macronutrient fertilizer products. Our concentrated and complex formulations maximize nutrient availability for improved plant quality. The added efficiency of HUMA GRO products will let you achieve superior results with less fertilizer—and lower fertilizer expense. Thus, in addition to saving money, you reduce the amounts of N, P and K residue, which is better for the environment and more sustainable for the future.

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