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In response to the reactivity of phosphorous in wastewater, Probiotic Solutions developed a specially complexed phosphorous product called SUPER PHOS. Over the years this product has proven to save money and improve plant performance by maximizing phosphorous bioavailability with minimum P input.

SUPER PHOS is an essential component of energy-carrying phosphate compounds (ATP & ADP), nucleic acids, several essential coenzymes, and phospholipids. SUPER PHOS starts out as food grade white phosphoric acid (tech grade) that is pre-complexed with organic acids to insure maximum availability to aeration basin microbes. SUPER PHOS is many times more bio-available than regular phosphorous compounds because it is protected from complexing in water. SUPER PHOS has proven itself in wastewater applications where maximum performance is required and minimum effluent phosphorous concentrations are demanded.

Typically 1/5th to 1/10th the amount of SUPER PHOS is used compared to common grade agricultural type phosphoric acid fertilizers. This means reduced costs and better bioavailability that result in better plant performance.

10 Benefits Reported by Wastewater Operators Using SUPER PHOS:

  1. Improved Microbial Phosphate Uptake Efficiency; Less P to receiving waters
  2. Stimulated Beneficial Biological Activity; More robust BOD reduction
  3. Enhanced the Diversity of Microbial Species; Better floc formation & settleability
  4. Decreased Filamentous Bacteria; Better settleability and less foaming for a better running plant
  5. Improved Floc Formation; Better settleability and solids separation
  6. Improved SVI & SV30 Levels for Better Decant; Cleaner effluent & lower TSS
  7. Increased COD Removal for Better Effluent Water Quality; More easily able to meet permit limits
  8. Decreased Phosphate Levels in the Effluent Stream; Use more P while sending less to the receiving waters
  9. Improved Sludge Reduction for Decreased Sludge Handling Cost; Save money
  10. Product Easy to Use and Handle; SUPER PHOS is safe

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