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Engineered specifically for the heavy crops found in the UK, our attention to detail delivers unparalleled performance in the field in both grass and straw applications. The Super-ted 160 has a 1.6m. wide pick-up and is ideal for silage, straw from smaller combines (up to 16' header width) and hay. The Super-ted 221 has a 2.2m. wide pick-up and is suitable for silage (will do two 3m. swaths side by side), straw from all modern combines and hay.

  1. Faster Drying
  2. Reduced Crop Contamination
  3. Reduced Costs in One Pass
  4. Tidier swaths

Find out more about the features that make the Super-ted stand out from the crowd.

Why Own a Super-ted?

 Faster Drying

With grass a quick drying time reduces nutrient loss and produces more palatable fodder. High dry-matter silage also results in less effluent being created at the clamp. The Super-ted effect is twofold, typically halving the drying time of other methods. 

The crop is lifted, with air being introduced to the swath for more even drying from top to bottom. 

The waxy cellulose coating on the plant is cracked without damaging the crop to improve evaporation of moisture.

With straw the risk of damage by mould in a damp crop is minimised.

Reduced Crop Contamination

Crop loss is reduced by keeping the swaths intact and not spreading them over the ground. Stone and soil contamination is reduced by not having to carry out a second raking operation.

Reduced Costs in One Pass

Save fuel, labour and reduce ground compaction. The Super-ted is a high-speed one-pass operation as there is no need to spread and row up again

Tidier swaths

The swaths produced by the Super-ted are box shaped with clean edges and can be adjusted in width and offset using the rear doors. This enables greater throughputs in the following harvesting or baling operation. 

Adjustable Front Hood

Because not all swaths are the same, the front hood can be adjusted to suit your crop.

Door Extensions

Door extensions are an option on the Super-ted 160 to enable greater control of crop placement.

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