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Raised Bed Farmers: Are you tired of wasting time and fuel going back and forth over your beds to make sure they're consistent in size and shape? Have you outgrown your current bedder? Looking for a quality bed shaper that won't slow you down and is built to last for decades? Kennco’s 'bed shapers' produce a tight, even bed (or beds) on every pass, are multi-functional, and have few wearable parts. We have many still in operation that were built 20 years ago..which is why our customers call it the Superbedder.

Superbedder Advantages:

  • Produces a perfectly shaped bed for your farm in one pass
  • Wide variety of sizes and options to fit each growers needs.
  • Perfect for farms over 100 acres.
  • Heavy duty steel frame for durability and longevity
  • Durable 'sweeps' to cut and roll the soil into press pan, and push finer soil to center of bed where you plant.
  • Adjustable turnbuckles so you can use multiple press pan sizes on same machine.
  • Sold with replaceable press pans and add-on’s for lower replacement cost
  • Flexible design to allow for many configurations
  • Standard three-point Category II hitch
  • Internal tool bar standard

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