- Snow Body Inserts


You will save money by implementing SuperHaul Snow Body Inserts. If you plan on hauling snow, you can’t afford not to add Fair SuperHaul Snow Body Inserts to your trucks. Trucks equipped with a SuperHaul Insert can haul double or triple times as much snow per load! With minimal risk or investment to your snow removal program, these inserts pay for themselves in no time by greatly reducing man-hours and fuel consumption.

  • Single Axle (up to 20 cu. yds.)
  • Tandem Axle (up to 38 cu. yds.)

  • Self-opening, high-rise end-gates allow heaping loads to slip out freely.
  • Parallel runners allow snow to slide out, easily avoiding the chronic problem of snow sticking in corners.
  • Can be used on flatbeds, or in existing truck bodies.
  • Custom designed for your truck.
  • Easy to install and remove.

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