Superior Manufacturing Corporation

- Water Conditioner for Agricultural/Irrigation Applications


3 GPM to 4,000GPM; others by request. Superiorized water has many special benefits for sprinkling and irrigation, beyond the reduced maintenance from scale elimination.

Superior conditioned water can:

  • Reduce Water Usage 10-30%
  • Reduce Fertilizer Usage 30-50%
  • Eliminate Wetting Agents with an increase or no reduction in irrigation effectiveness.

This water is beneficial to golf courses, produce farms, field crops, parks and cemeteries, athletic fields, and all lawns.
Superior's magnetic treatment reduces the surface tension of water, making it more soluble.  All chemicals are utilized more effectively because of this increased solubility.  This allows a sharp reduction in the amount of fertilizer required to provide needed nutrition.
The ability of treated water to dissolve minerals available in both the soil and the water enhances the nutrient levels in the soil available to the root system.  Changing calcium silicate to calcium carbonate allows for better penetration of the membranes of the plant.
Superiorized water eliminates the need to use wetting agents because of the reduction in surface tension, which allows the water to penetrate the soil more deeply and quickly.  A deeper, thicker root system provides better growth.  Superiorized water spreads through the ground more uniformly, eliminating puddling caused by over-watering an area to eliminate dry spots.  Improved germination is an additional benefit.
Finally, the elimination of scale in the distribution system and sprinkler heads will greatly reduce overall maintenance requirements.

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