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SuperSmolt continues to provide clear benefits for both smolt producers and ongrowers: Flexibility: SuperSmolt fish never desmoltify, giving you greater control over seawater transfer dates. Enhanced production: SuperSmolt can be used to optimise production by producing smolts earlier or larger. Better smolts: SuperSmolt fish come on to feed quicker and more evenly post transfer. Improved health and welfare: SuperSmolt reduces stress, disease susceptibility and mortality following transfer.

The groundbreaking method is currently being used on S0 and S1 Atlantic salmon as well as rainbow trout in Norway, UK, Canada and Chile.

Bigger smolt

No winther photo period necessary. Optimal growth.

Earlier smolt

The process of smoltificartion can be done in only 4-5 weeks.

Synchronized smolt status

Synchronization is easy because SuperSmolt fish will never desmoltify.

Lower disease risk

Homogenous smolt status within the fish group prevents mortality and stress due to suboptimal seawater tolerance.

Increased production

A shorter production period means increased production capasity.


SuperSmolt eliminates uncertainties. The fish will be ready for transfer when you want it to.

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