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Any crop farmer will agree that a good harvest starts with preparing a good seed bed, knowing that this allows the seed to quickly develop a strong root system after emerging. Steketee developed the SuperSprint for creating the perfect seed bed as fast and efficient as possible. Besides perfect operation, this machine combines top operability with minimal maintenance requirements.

Smoothening the soil is the first step in preparing good seed beds. That is why the SuperSprint is armed with 30 cm wide duck foot points, smoothening ploughed land. Optionally an additional bit row can be mounted, allowing cutting through the soil in full length, considerably reducing weed concentration. Every individual bit can be adjusted in height by a mortise and tenon joint, which is especially useful for loosening up the soil under the wheel tracks.

After the bits a 50 cm roller is mounted, which consists of angle bars that keep the machine at its proper depth, but also functions as crushers. The roller can be hydraulically adjusted in height to regulate the working depth of the machine and to compensate for lighter soils where the roller digs into the soil.

Right behind the angle bar roller a spring-loaded smoothing plate is mounted, keeping the roller full of ground, increasing its crushing effect.  Behind this, 5 rows of vibrating tines ensure that sufficient loose ground gets on top of the seed bed. Aside from the standard straight vibrating tines, duck foot points, among others, can be supplied as well. Behind the spring tines a spring-loaded smoothing plate is mounted as well, ensuring perfect levelling.

Finally, the machine is equipped with a set of rollers. The standard set consists of a toothed rotary stripper for final crushing and a square strip roller, which is able to slightly compress the seed bed for an improved soil moisture balance. The entire roller set can be tilted to adjust operation to prevailing conditions. As an option, other rollers can be mounted, such as a Crosskill roller.

Pendant construction
The versions of the SuperSprint that can be folded up (starting from a cultivation width of 4.5 m) consists of 2 fields that can move up and down, hanging from the top frame which operates hydraulically. This pendant construction ensures that the machine always trails the soil and a level seed bed is created, even during shallow cultivation. The frame mainly consists of High Strength Steel (HSS), keeping it as light and rigid as possible.

Modular design
In order to achieve optimal adjustment of the machine under all circumstances, all adjustments of the SuperSprint can be performed hydraulically. The modular design allows you to decide which settings are important and should be controlled from the tractor cabin. This means that just as the tine frame and the front roller the smoothing plates and the rear rollers can be made continuously adjustable as well. As a standard, the various hydraulic functions are controlled via the tractor valves.

For a simplified and more precise operation the SteketeeControl system can be supplied as well. This system enables the operator to set the desired working depth by simply pressing a button. As all hydraulic functions are integrated into one system, only a single tractor vent is required. SteketeeControl is standard operated by a touch screen on which the current depth setting can be read out as well. This screen is designed for the simplest control possible and maximum user friendliness.

For example, the user can select the best from several principal displays. Even when you opt for manual adjustment we make life for the user as easy as possible; for example by allowing spindle adjustment of the rear rollers.

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