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Used primarily in agriculture. The main area of application for the SuperVario is the spreading of: Cover crops, Slug pellets, Grass seeds for reseeding grassland, Silage additive to prevent solidification in silo tanks.

Its 12-Volt drive means that the spreader can always be operated independently of other drives such as Kardan drives or hydraulics.
This means that two processes can often be combined into one. The result is cost savings in practical use.

The SuperVario is well-suited for many applications thanks to its conception.

With it, you can:

  • Spread slug pellets
  • Overseed grasslands in combination with other operations
  • Spread catch crops rationally
  • Spread authorised mouse baits superficially. (Adhere to country-specific authorisations!)
  • For delivering silage additive to prevent solidification in silo tanks

  • Stepless spreading width 2 - 24 metres
  • Robust 12-volt Bosch electric motor with 180 watts
  • Operation from driver's seat via control panel
  • Visual and audible error message with two-lined display
  • Transparent supply hopper with 70, 110 or 170 litres
  • Standard power supply line with 4.0 mm² wire cross section and 5 m length
  • 10-time automatic control overdrive when the material in the hopper is excessively compressed.
  • Slide valves and spreading discs made of stainless steel
  • Stepless spreading volume adjustment from the driver's seat
  • Adjustable throwing vanes
  • Robust steel frame with mounting drill holes
  • Electric components waterproof (distribution box)
  • Digital start-up technology
  • Weight: 31 kg
  • 6-metre-long cable from spreader to tractor
  • Special agitator shaft for grasses
  • Hopper lid with quick-release fastener
  • Hopper with drainage opening / residue drainage

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