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Suplance Bath



Suplance baths that are necessary for your production are made by the best choice (HDPE - PP - PVC - PVDF). Supportive chassis design is made by taking economic criteria into consideration and —if necessary- it is isolated by coating with epoxy paint and or the materials of tank (HDPE - PP - PVC - PVDF). We design the chemicals you are using in process and the best choice of resistence or serpentine system for your heating and refregrating needs by making calculations of heating surface area and make them mounted in your baths.


We also make pipes and pumps installations for earning discharging, drainage and overflow in a secure way for your suplance baths. By scrubber system we make way to chemical gases bringing about in your suplance facilities are cleaned by absorption and be helpful with you to get emission permission by making you an organization who is working under the emission values imposed by Environment and Forestry Ministry.

On the other hand by 'backplast', the last technological innovation, longer lived facilities are organized. Necessity of chassis has been removed with coupled PP-HDPE panels. Our R&D works have been continued for the best choice of productions methods for suplance baths.

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