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Surface Spreaders for Fertilizers



Machine for spreading organic fertilizers (dung) and mineral fertilizers, pulled and driven by the hydraulic system of the tractor. The machine allows an accurate dosing and spreading of the product in a width up to 15 meter, with an excellent crushing and homogeneous distribution of the fertilizers.

Main technical characteristics:

  • Hopper with capacity from 2,5 m3 until 13 m3 (for other capacities consult us).
  • Rubber tires.
  • Hydraulic adjustment of dosing feeder.
  • Articulated draw bar (allows turns up to 90º).
  • Frontal support foot.
  • Hydraulic brake and positioning brake.
  • Hydraulic gear lock gate automatically operated.
  • Torque limiter against overstrain of the dragging chain.
  • Spreader discs (for surface spreading) with adjustable ribs. Main optional equipment:
  • Hydraulic power unit independent from the tractor.
  • Hydraulic controls (traditional controls).
  • Electric controls in the tractor cab.
  • Ramp for “free fall” unloading.
  • Hydraulic belt for lateral unloading.
  • Quick hitch – unhitch system (no necessity of getting out of the tractor).
  • Automatic dosage device “Davitronic”.Equipment for mineral fertilizing.

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