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Surface-tensiometers are suitable for use as tensiostats for controlling irrigation when used together with a switching sensor. This option comes into consideration for capillary matting with drip irrigation, controlled flow or thin layer cultivation with drip irrigation. In combination with a sensor or manometer, surface-tensiometers, can be used solely for moisture measurement on irrigation or technical fleece, on a substrate surface or in a substrate. Surfaces-tensiometers of this design are suited only briefly for suction pressure above ca. 300 hPa; otherwise frequent refilling is necessary.

Clay base- Ø ca. 70 mm, top surface sealed with a robust shrink wrap (Model FV) or with a porous surface (Model FO), heightavailable from 65 mm (GL connection) up to 110 mm (IT45 connection), without viewing window

Connections: GL = Standard GL 14 threaded neck, IT = here with integrated T-piece connection of 45° or 90° with 2x GL 14 threading

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