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- Suspension-type Sprayer


EMAIL: WEBSITE: whatsapp:+86 15038394010 skype:ivyriceprocessing High-efficiency, environment-friendly and energy-saving, this suspension-type sprayer used with a tractor is an ideal choice for agricultural pesticide spraying and other pesticide spraying.

Suspension-type Sprayer Features and Advantages
1.Three-point suspension, connected with a tractor for working.
2.Process control and remote-control & full-automatic operation, the driver can finish the spraying alone and safely.
3.Main units’ temperature alarming function prevents the machine from the damage caused by high temp.
4.Mechanical drive, more reliable and safer.
5.2-stage fan with high wind pressure and large air quantity, far spraying range.
6.Even and precise spraying, good penetrability and high aiming accuracy, saving water and pesticide.
7.Adjustable spraying angle and height, convenient to operate.
8.Suitable for the complex terrain in rural areas; having better performance in the large-area farmlands.

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