Model SUW - Silage Field Transfer Trailers



HAWE silage field transfer trailers offer a completely new, cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly concept for silage harvesting. The silage field transfer trailers with their soil-structure-protecting tyres remain in the field, the further road transport to ensiling location is undertaken at faster speeds by trucks. And outwith the silage season the new HAWE silage field transport trailers are the ideal vehicles for loading biogas plants where the silage cannot be stored directly on-site.

  • 2 types: SUW 4000 trailer with tandem running gear and 40 cubic metre capacity and SUW 5000 trailer  with tridem running gear and 48 (60) cubic metre capacity, both for tractors of from 250 PS/185 kW
  • Design based on work experiences of tried and tested HAWE silage transport trailers
  • Unloading speeds of 9 to 11 cubic metres/ minute (maize)
  • Perfect dosing of chopped grass thanks to metering plates, metering rollers and auger into the blower
  • The blower is driven directly via powershaft = maximum power transfer efficiency
  • Blower tower adjustable by 230 degrees both right and left for unloading
  • Transfer can take place over ditches or other obstacles up to 3 metres wide
  • Standard equipment includes soil-structure-protecting tyres with various options available
  • Mechanical suspension as standard on drive train equipment, optional hydraulic systems
  • Standard hydraulic drawbar suspension
  • Hydraulic side wall raising with tridem 5000 for maximum 60 cubic metre volume (optional)
  • Optional rear unloading system

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