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Since the first SVEGMA driers were made during the early sixties, they've had a well deserved reputation. The reasons to this are many - easy and quick assembly, simpel cleaning, minimal amount of maintenance, even downdrying, good heating economy, long lifecycle - these are reasons which lead to good profits and security for the farmer. While the Svegma driers are made up by small modules, it is possible to offer a large amount of sizes and shapes plus the ability to expand your current drier. Also, the list of additional equipment is long, which leads to increased flexibility. All Svegmadriers are made by Akron.

Svegma batchdrier is fitted with an easy manoverable damperpart, which works as the bottom of the drier. This stops the grain from running back, out into the collecting hopper, before it's dried, which means that you can always be sure of drying the entire batch.

Another advantage is that the drying goods consignment can be lowered after a period of drying, which leads to mixing and thus a more even drying process at high watercontents.

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