- Model 700 Plus, 800/26 Plus, 900 Plus - Twin Rotor Rakes



Swadro 700 Plus, 800/26 Plus, 900 PlusUltimate level of comfort ‘Plus’ refers to one extra feature – high-level operator comfort – that is available on the center-delivery models Swadro 700 Plus, 800/26 Plus and 900 Plus. Providing ease of operation, these models tick every box, everything falling into place and bringing fun to field work. In order for work to run smoothly in the field, competent design and build quality must be right from the start. With KRONE you can rest assured that you will always have to hand first-rate machinery, the technology of which is impressive. This is also true for the KRONE center delivery rakes with working widths of 6.80 to 8.80 m (22'4' to 28'11'). They are easy to service and maintain, work-hungry, yet gentle on both forage and swath.

The center delivery rake with 10 m (32'10') working width: Swadro 1000 is the KRONE centre delivery rake for high-output and high-acreage operations. Boasting two rotors with 15 tine arms each, it rakes up to 10 hectares (25 acres) per hour. The variable 8.80 m -10.00 m (28'11'- 32'10') working width adjusts hydraulically via telescoping arms. The maintenance-free rotors with cardan suspension and the ground hugging bogies with eight castering wheels combine with a superb operational comfort to make this center delivery rake a flexible and high-output machine.

The KRONE 710/26 T twin-rotor side delivery rake with 13 tine arms not only offers excellent value for money but excellent quality of work. Swadro 710/26 T forms single and double windrows as well as two narrow windrows. Naturally it offers a hydraulic system that adjusts the main frame to set the work width and thus windrow width.

The models Swadro 807 and 809 are engineered to rake the crop into one massive windrow on either side of the tractor. The Swadro 810 additionally provides the additional opportunity of laying two small windrows in one pass. If the two large single windrows are laid side by side from two passes to and fro, a total working width of up to 14,00 m (45'11') can be acheived depending on the windrow size. In this manner, enough forage can be combined together to maximize the performance of any subsequent harvesting operation to their fullest, even in third and fourth cuts.

Raking 8 metres (26'3') of crop into one windrow: Swadro 907 is the KRONE twin-rotor side delivery rake with 8.00 m (26'3') work width. Running on a wide-tracking axle and boasting 15 tine arms and 6 wheels on each rotor, this rake delivers cleanest rakes and highest workrates. Maintenance-free rotors, the Dura-Max cam track, large guide rollers in permanently lubricated bearings and widely spaced deep groove ball bearings in Aluminium tine holder housings combine to give an outstanding operator comfort, highest workrates and ultimate durability.

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