Swather & Windrower Belts



WCCO’s swather (windrower) belting, like our harvest header draper belting, is made with our patented RAPTOR™ fabric. RAPTOR™ belting has higher strength properties, superior durability, and has more stable market pricing compared to other conventional swather belt options. Our swather belting also features WCCO’s RUB-R-CLEAT™ which comes in numerous cleat sizes and styles. The RUB-R-CLEAT™ is a fiberglass rod inside of a rubber cleat that is cured to the belt during our single-step vulcanization process. The rod adds extra strength and flexibility to the cleat. The canvas is double reinforced along both edges, and is designed to hold dimensional stability under heavy stress and above normal loads. If you have custom cleat design in mind, we are ready to hear your idea.

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