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- Model SF-110 - Septic Odor Eliminating Zeocarbon Refills


SF-110 Refill replaces existing Sweetfilter Zeocarbon without the mess. These Refills are for the 1-4.55 inch Residential Sweetfilter.
Simply remove the old bag and replace it with the new bag.

Carbon Tetrachloride Number (Wt%), min. 60%
Iodine Number (mg/g), min. 950
Hardness Number 95
Moisture (as packed, weight %) 4.0%
Ash Content (max.) 3.0 %

*Typical Properties
Apparent Density 0.44 - 0.49
Carbon Tetrachloride Number (wt.%)60-65
Iodine Number 950-1100

Only Sweetfilters Zeocarbon overcomes the limitations of activated carbon alone by preventing the caking of the carbon granules improving overall effective surface area when dealing with water laden air flow streams. Sweetfilters are sewer vent pipe filters(registered with the USPTO) to remove Odor, CO2, and other Greenhouse Gases. Typically, after 5 years of work, the ZeoCarbon is returned to the soil as a nitrogen rich ornamental plant fertilizer.
It takes up to one year for one tree to fix the CO2 in the equivalent of 3 litres of gas. One septic vent pipe filter can be equal to just over five trees (5.33 trees) or one carbon credit. Refilled as needed to stop odor over a 100 year period.

Sweetfilters can reduce your yearly CO2 footprint significantly.

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