- Mineral Bucket Licks


Sweetlics mineral buckets offer a practical solution to supplying minerals, vitamins, trace elements, antioxidants for cattle, sheep, horses, goats and camels.


  • Sweetlics are a concentrated source of nutrients
  • Supplies protein, major minerals, trace elements, vitamins
  • and seaweed related alginate bio stimulants in a balanced
  • form on a regular basis
  • Can be fed anywhere at pasture or in a yard
  • Exceptional palability
  • Weatherproofed


  • A constant supply of nutrients
  • Optimises animal health, performance and fertility
  • Convenient to use, available in different tub sizes
  • Labour saving
  • Cost effective
  • They do not break up on weathering

Long recognised as an energy source and conditioner for all animals. Supplies 3MJ of energy.

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