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SweetPro Pasture MP lick blocks are designed for dairy and beef cattle on green grass in the summer months.Pasture MP blocks also contain SweetPro's Pro-Biotein and Altosid IGR feed-thru fly control.

SweetPro Pasture MP Blocks with Altosid IGR
Net wt 250 lbs (114 kg) 

Pasture MP is a recommended product forBeef and Dairy.

  1. Controls flies which lay eggs in manure by preventing the larvae from hatching out of the manure.
  2. Provides an excellent feed supplement blend of protein, fat, vitamins and minerals.
  3. Supports digestion to maximize feed - efficiency and help maintain good animal health.

Complex Carbohydrate Energy, Not Simple Sugar
SweetPro features fermentation feed ingredients, rich in yeast, quality protein and organic trace minerals to boost profits through supported feed-efficiency, labor-savings and health support.

Probiotein Includes
ProBiotein is SweetPro’s “Blend Additive.” It’s not just a single beneficial additive but a strategic blend working together to support performance. It includes:

  • Protein concentrates - from wheat, oats, barley malt, flax and yeast. This broadens the amino acid balance.
  • An oligosaccharide - these are often called “prebiotics” because they feed beneficial bacteria. In so doing, the beneficial bacterial flourish and contribute to the “competitive exclusion” of pathogenic bacteria which can cause sickness.
  • Organic complexed trace minerals - copper, manganese and zinc are provided in this form for maximum bioavailability. It helps meet requirements for vitamins A, D and E, macro minerals and trace minerals.

  • Altosid Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) is NOT an insecticide, it’s a regulator. It doesn’t kill flies, it just prevents their larvae from maturing into flies. Thus, it cuts the life cycle without flies developing a tolerance to Altosid’s s-methopene.
  • Horn flies are the most pervasive and costly external parasite of cattle in North America. Costing producers an estimated $876 million a year.
  • Horn flies reduce average daily gain and milk production and Adult flies take 20-30 blood meals per day. 500 flies is estimated at 7cc per day. Economic loss is primarily due to skin irritation.
  • SweetPro’s non-molasses lick blocks are the premier vehicle to deliver both the medicine and nutrients – because they do not “sag” in the summer. Heat does not make them soft or sticky.
  • A two week adaptation period will be required to establish a base consumption rate. After adaptation period, consumption will be approximately: yearlings 0.35 to 1.00 lbs (.15 to .45 kg) per day and cows 0.75 to 1.50 lbs (.34 to .68 kg)per day.

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