- Portable Wireless Camera System


Swift Hitch is a wireless battery powered rear view camera system with magnetic stand for hitching trailers and farm machines. This system has endless possibilities for use on farms. Swifthitch is useful for example at: hitching 2 trailers without a helper. Locating faulty parts (e.g. leaks or suspicious sound sources) out of the cabin while driving, controlling the function of your farm machines.

Additionally the camera is equipped with infra red lights to provide night vision 

Included in delivery:

  • The camera with magnetic stand and inbuilt rechargeable battery (working time 4 hours)
  • A weatherproof cover for the antenna of the camera
  • A receiver with display (2,5') and rechargeable battery (working time 4 hours)
  • A Y shaped charging cable for camera and receiver with cigarette plug connector
  • A charging cable with open end for permanent installation
  • A plastic case with rubber foam inlay for transport and storage of the camera

The effective range of the camera is 100 m (300 ft) at free sight, and 10 m - 20 m inside buildings.

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