- Model SN - Mounted Seedbed Cultivator



SWIFTER SN is a mounted seedbed cultivator which manages to combine all working operations in a single pass, needed to prepare a perfect seedbed even in a rough furrow. The machine can be used in traditional systems of farming as well as minimum tillage systems. The design enables an easy exchange of the internal frame with shares for a frame with gamma tines or a frame with SB-sections.

270 mm arrow-shaped shares in 2 rows with overlaping ensure the cutting of the soil profile over the entire machine width, creating a firm bottom. At the same time, the working angle of the shares also ensures the soil is aggressively tilled creating a broken up surface layer. Each share is affixed to a flexi tine allowing a „3D effect“ (horizontal and vertical movement) which protects the shares from damage.

Use for–summer and autumn preparation when the soil needs to be broken up and mixed after the previous harvest.

4 rows of gamma-tines with a negative angle safely till, aerate and warm the soil without leaving wet sections on the surface, preserving winter moisture. This is important for fast growth in the spring. The suspension of each tine allows for work at high speeds of up to 15 km/h. This means you can save time, something that you‘ll really need in spring.

Use for–spring seedbed preparation, while preserving winter moisture in soil.

Spring shares located in the 4 rows on the S-tine ensure quality soil tillage in spring. The share angle prevents vertical soil mixing, preserving the spring moisture which is important for high quality fast plant germination. The demand on the towing equipment is also reduced.

Use for–spring seedbed preparation with moisture preservation. Particularly suitable for sugar beet.

  • Machine type: mounted seedbed cultivator
  • Operating components: front levelling bar,
  • rod roller,
  • 2 rows of shares (4 rows of gamma tines, 4 rows of SB-shares),
  • levelling bar,
  • rear crumbling roller (single row slatted, single row crosskill, crosskill for rocks)
  • Securing: shares by tine from spring steel, gamma tines by springy tine, SB-section by springy tine
  • Usage: swift and low cost soil preparation prior to sowing, creating a uniform seedbed
  • Working operations: levelling the surface, crumbling, sticking and mixing (loosening and thermal exposure), shredding and compaction

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