- Model XO_F - Short Compact Disc Cultivator



SWIFTERDISC XO_F is a short compact disc cultivator with high working speeds of up to 15 km/h. Thanks to the precise distribution of the center of gravity (the axle is placed in front of the rear packer) the machine excels and is perfectly stable, irrespective of the high operating speeds. Each arm is fitted with a pair of discs (Twin-Disc system). The offer also includes the unique A-discs which cut crop residue better and  mixe it with the soil. This will allow you to cultivate large amounts of crop residue. A perfectly smooth surface without any ridges between the packers is ensured by the three-piece overlapping rear packer.

  • Machine type:semi-mounted disc cultivator of short conception
  • Operating components:2 rows of serrated discs 520×5 mm (serrated discs with constant geometry or uniquely profiled A-discs),
  • rear packer (tube, steel ring, roadpacker, tyrepacker, spring, V-ring, double U-ring, double packer, cutpack)
  • Securing:each arm with zero-maintenance rubber segments
  • Usage:swift, low cost and high quality stubble cultivation, seedbed preparation
  • Working operations:loosens the surface layer, cuts crop residue, uniform mixing of crop residue, disrupts capillarity, settlement and compaction, seedbed preparation, drill covering crops (with Alfa Drill)

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