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Swine Production Systems


We specialize in providing turn-key agricultural projects (Swine Production Systems , Poultry Production Systems , Dairy and Machine Storage facilities), and have also diversified into the commercial and industrial markets. Either with our own forces or through our ' Project Management ' skills, we will get your project completed on time. From conception to completion they will assist the client with every aspect of the project. We manage and complete your construction projects on time using only materials and sub-contractors that meet our quality standards.


This, along with our commitment to service, attention to details and workmanship has allowed us to continually provide our customers with the best buildings and production facilities in the industry.

We are committed to continually providing our clients with new and innovative ideas to produce the most efficient buildings and production facilities.

After completion of our client's turn-key projects, our staff will assist them to make sure their facilities maintain their optimum trouble free performance.

600 SOW Breeding Farm. Project Description (12.000-14.000 head per year)

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