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Swingaway Snails


Fast, reliable and durable: High conveying and handling performance with maximum reliability and flexibility are Bintec in the foreground. Here are the PTO-driven Screw with Swingaway accepting the optimal link between harvest logistics and grain storage. The well thought-out concept, with its direct and simple conveyor routes combines perfect workmanship, solid construction and durability. There are simple arguments become the reliable partner by the Swingaway worm that allows you to bring the fruits of your labor safely home and dry.

A capacity of up to 300 tons per hour are no problem for Swingaway snails. Through a patented conveying in the screw of the fill level is optimized and the portion of damaged grain is reduced to a minimum.

Use security.
Swingaway snails represent proven technology and the best workmanship. Laser-cut and powder coated components form the basis for this. Easy drive way and a few wearing parts pay off in daily use.

The robust chassis and the stable hydraulic Hebevor direction with its optimized Z-geometry provide maximum flexibility for the use of the screw in new or existing storage systems. Reacting to the tractor works quickly and easily.

Ease of use.
Swingaway snails are easy to use. Thanks to a large cleaning port and an optional reversing, they are also easy to maintain and easy to clean. Maintenance can be performed easily accessible everywhere.

Thanks to the Swingaway technique assuming funnel comes to Kipper - Kipper of the need not to be driven to the assumption funnel. This eliminates time-consuming reverse. This allows you a safe, fast and stress-free unloading of your crop. The maneuvering is omitted and, thanks to the four large solid rubber wheels, both sides easily swiveling acceptance funnel with its large acceptance surface ensures a clean grain intake. The movable mounting of the pivot point between the worm and acceptance guaranteed at every adjustment angle of the screw a consistently low acceptance and optimum ground following. If the screw to be implemented, the complete adoption is quickly and easily hung with a winch on the screw.

  • Reversing. Reverse run of the screw for maintenance and cleaning work
  • Use of corn-pre. Cleaning attachment for the acceptance hopper.
  • Hydraulically or electrically swiveling acceptance funnel. The panning is done by remote control.
  • Lateral 90 ° PTO. Improves space utilization in confined spaces.
  • Hydraulic / electric acceptance hopper suspension. The winds of the suspension is driven by the tractor hydraulics / electrics.

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