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- Dribble Hose System



Maximum performance and maximum flexibility. We developed this dribble hose system to be as universal as possible. Weighing just one tonne and with a working width of 12 metres, it is unusually light and needs little traction force to move it. This makes it perfectly suited to compact teams on small fields or for use on long arable sections. But SwingUp also means maximum spreading accuracy. This is provided by the ExaCut precision distributors, the flexible hoses, which adapts to the shape of the ground, as well as the rigid end hoses, which deposit the liquid manure accurately in the crop, not on it.

SwingUp: the all-rounder for small fields or long arable sections.

  • Top-Features such as TeleShift and DropStop
  • lightweight construction, low traction force needed
  • working widths of 7.5/9/12/13.5/14/15/16/18 metres

  • maximum spreading accuracy thanks to double symmetrical hose layout
  • ExaCut or Dosimat LVX precision distributor
  • DropStop reduces contamination of roads
  • narrow transport width
  • transport position above mudguard
  • remote releasing of booms
  • fixed installation on tank or with 4-point fitting
  • TeleShift behind to reduce the length of the team and linkage during transport moving
  • EasyPack pre-installation

  • CFC Comfort Flow Control
  • Deposit hoses in DN50
  • Partial width switch-off
  • Hydraulic release of booms

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