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SyreN FeMan is a new method for treatment of manganese deficiency in plants. The FeMan product is used together with acidified slurry and consists of 40% iron sulphate and 60% manganese sulphate. The acidified slurry fluid corresponds to 2-4 mm fluid and because of the large fluid quantity, it reaches the root zone. In this manner, manganese is made available to the plant root net. This makes FeMan work within the plant and also the plant root is prevented from poor development from manganese deficiency. In addition, the treatment can take place earlier in the season as a critical foliar mass is not needed. As a bonus, also sulphate as SO4 is dosed and the smell from slurry reduced.

SyreN FeMan is used together with acidified slurry. As known, there are huge quantities of manganese in the soil, but the soil pH value decides if this manganese is plant available. If pH is above 6.0, the manganese is difficult plant available and if above 6.2, it changes its chemical property to brownstone and is plant unavailable. It is know that ammonia fertilizers has a positive effect as a preventive method against manganese deficiency but less attention has been given to the effect from acidified slurry. New research shows that plants with manganese deficiency may obtain the needed manganese in a very short time span from application. With this method, the manganese is absorbed into the plant through the plant root net and manganese deficiency symptoms can be avoided altogether. This is unlike traditional sprayer treatment, which only benefits the foliar leaf area. On lime soils, the treatment can be combined with later sprayer treatments.

Manganese deficiency is often found on light soils where also large quantities of slurry are available. Both manganese sulphate and iron sulphate contains sulphur as – SO4, and is an instant plant available sulphur fertilizer. Iron sulphate is a known additive to reduce smell from hydrogen sulphate. This means that FeMan also reduces smell from slurry during application. Together the products have an acidification effect. Although moderate amounts, some potential ammonia emission will be captured and made into plant available ammonium.SyreN FeMan is dosed direct into the slurry tank through the SyreN system additive tank with 1 litre pr. m3 during filling. This secures a 100% mixing into the slurry fluid. With 30 m3 pr. ha and 2.5 minute filling time, a dosage rate of 2 kg manganese pr. ha is dosed. It is recommended to use 3 litre sulphuric acid pr. m3. with the SyreN system. With this dose rate, the pH is lowered to 6.0 or less.The FeMan product is continued under test and the existing trails can only be viewed as guideline

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