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- Enriched Slurry for Mais


SyreN SP it now possible to create a full fertilizer effect with slurry for mais.Mais is a plant type that can sustain application of very large amounts of slurry. Typically dose rates are from 40 to 60-70 m3 pr. ha together with granulated starter fertilization. In spite of slurry containing more than enough phosphor, it is not plant available as it is bound in an organic form and not readily plant available. By addition of free phosphorus, a good yield increase is achieved and it is common practice for many to use a mais starter fertilizer in conjunction with seeding.

Starter fertilizer with mais is a granulated fertilizer that also contains nitrogen. In many cases, there is plenty available nitrogen in the slurry, and the start fertilizer nitrogen thus limits the use of the much more inexpensive slurry nitrogen and it may also a problem for the farmer’s fertilizer accounts. With the use of SyreN-SP, it is possible to increase the use of slurry, as only S and P are added as plant available fertilizers.

SyreN-SP is a mix product that can be ordered with a flexible dose rate between sulphur acid and phosphorus acid. For mais, a 50% mixture of sulphuric- and phosphorus acid is recommended. Phosphorus acid contains 370 g plant available phosphorus pr. litre and sulphuric acid contains 570 g sulphur pr. litre. SyreN-SP in a 50% mix has 185 g P / 285 / S pr. litre. It is noted that mixing of phosphorus acid and sulphur acid is very dangerous and must take place under strict controlled conditions.By combining the two acids, a needed amount of plant available P is dosed through the phosphorus acid and the sulphur acid is utilised an S fertilizer, but also an amount of P is released through the soil reserves because of acidification effect. The amount of plant available P depends on the soil pH, total amount of P in the soil and a number of other factors. With a full fertilization with slurry of 60 m3 pr. ha, 1 litre of SyreN-SP pr. m3 is equivalent to 17 kg S and 11 kg P pr. ha. 1000 l SyreN-SP will cover app. 17 ha or 1000 m3 slurry.The combination of granular fertilizer while seeding and SyreN-SP is also a possibility to be explored and can potentially increase the plant uptake of nutrients from slurry. Another possibility is to use the slurry as a positioned fertilizer. With the use of a slurry injector with a row distance like the mais drill machine combined with RTK-GPS tracking, it is possible to drill exact in the injector tracks just above the positioned slurry and force the mais to seek nutrients downwards in the enriched slurry.

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