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When we developed the all new Valtra T Series, we rebuilt the tractor from the ground up. Where we come from, we don’t talk much. But we listen to our customers. You told us that the three most important reasons for selecting a Valtra are reliability, low total operating costs, and ease of use. That’s how we built the fourth generation of Valtra tractors. We have been building tractors for more than 60 years, and the T Series is the culmination of our experience so far. We designed it for the versatile requirements of farmers and the most demanding conditions. We are proud of the result. Your working machine is built around you.

We know that if we want to get the job done right, we’d better do it ourselves. That’s why we make the major components inhouse. We’ve designed and engineered the intelligent chassis, robust transmission and spacious cab ourselves. AGCO Power, the “Sisu”, has been the Valtra engine for more than 60 years. It is an engine that sets the standard for reliability.

The T Series provides power for pulling a plough and agility for moving hay bales. It gives excellent visibility for precision work and versatility with PTO for power-hungry implements. With the T Series, you don’t have to work harder, because you are working smarter. The transmission operation, with a new drive lever could not be easier. The tractor is compact, but inside the cab you have plenty of space and comfort. Daily maintenance is simple: checking the oil and cleaning the filters take almost no time at all. And finally, you get the best fit for your farm, with the right size and the options you need, factory installed and covered by warranty.

Total cost of ownership is about the big picture and the small details. The big thing is to have a hard-working machine that is built for the task at hand. But we’ve gone further with some major innovations. They consist of several features that lighten the load on your wallet. The 600 hour service interval cuts maintenance costs and the SCR Only AGCO Power engines give you the best overall liquid economy. Select Premium care or a service contract that matches your monthly costs to your annual running hours. AGCO Finance helps you to find an optimal solution for payment and use. At the end of the road, choosing genuine Valtra parts and service, guarantees the highest resale value for your tractor.

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