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Model T13 - Detector



The T13 is the largest of a new line of tunnel-type Coded Wire Tag (CWT) detectors. It maintains the high sensitivity of the earlier R-Series detectors and their ability to detect a tag in any orientation but accommodates a much larger fish.

T-Series detectors are designed to plug together with one or more other system components such as a power supply, control box, and a diverter gate using a unified system connector.

The T13 detector's tunnel is oval with the maximum inside dimensions of 7.5 inches (19cm) by 13 inches (33 cm). It may be used with either the broad or the narrow dimension upright, however the NMT (Northwest Marine Technology) funnel and gate are designed for attaching to the detector when the larger dimension is horizontal.

For diverting fish, the T13 is supplied with a diverting gate, a control box and a dual counter. The control box controls the settings for the gate, detector and control box functions and records counts of detected tags in up to four different groups; for counting untagged fish the dual counter is required. Using the control box it is possible to adjust the system for a variety of situations, such as fish that move unusually fast or unusually slow.
When using a gate, the gate and detector are powered with either the NMT 24VDC power supply or with 24V from two standard 12V deep cycle batteries hooked in series.

Most T13s will be in permanent installations, but the detector may be mounted on a small trailer allowing the detector to be moved around on site.

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