Model T22 - Micro Substrate



MicroSubstrate T22 is a peat based substrate that contains Trichoderma. It creates protective microflora against most common pathogenic fungus while increasing the rate of plant growth and development. Improves nutrients, especially Nitrogen and water intake. Exposure of Trichoderma to plant roots at the early stage dramatically enhances plant growth. MicroSubstrate T22 is ready to use fine structure mix for germination. Growing mixes containing both Trichoderma and  Mycorrhiza are also available, these agents create a living ecosystem where plants and micro-organisms enjoy a symbiotic beneficial relationship.

Suggestions for use
For seedlings of vegetables and ornamental plants
Trays, small pots

Chemical characteristics
pH 5.2-6.0
N 100-165 mg/l
P2O5 115-190 mg/l
K2O 130-215 mg/l
EC 0.7 mS/cm
Trace elements included

Structure 0-6 mm
Density 140-160 kg/m3 or 180-200kg/m3
Absorption 4-6 times its own weight of dry matter
Dry substance 80 g/l
Moisture 40-60%

Species Sphagnum Sp
Organic matter content Min 85%
Ash content Max 15%

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