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Model T37, 20-40 - Distribution Auger



The use of the T37 distribution conveyor provides a simple solution for the distribution of grain in all areas, even with a low roof space. The conveyor is mounted on the outlet of the belt conveyor or chain conveyor. From this position the conveyor can be rotated through 360° and in this way can be used to fill banks of indoor silos and flat stores.

With this advantage, the T37 distri­bution conveyor can also be used to fill flat stores to a maximum width of 10 m.

The T37 mounted on a T19V belt conveyor can distribute the grain evenly over the whole area, if equipped with a rotational drive and electric controls; it can be carried out automatically. The even distribution of moist grains and impurities has the advantage of not being discharged together, in a cone of grain.

The distribution conveyor can be delivered in the following lengths: 2.0 m. – 3.0 m. - 4.0 m. lengths. The lengths of 3.0 m. – 4.0 m. conveyors must be supplied with a counter weight. The pipe of the conveyor is made from heavy duty PVC.

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