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Model T53 / T54 / T55 - Bucket Elevator



The JEMA bucket elevator is a high quality elevator made in galvanised steel. Bucket elevators are available in five sizes. E11: 5,25 t/h, T53: 25-60 t/h, T54: 105 t/h, T55: 150 t/h and E300: 225 t/h.

The JEMA AGRO bucket elevator is made in galvanised steel, which makes it particularly suitable for outdoor applications. All three types work efficiently and have low power consumption in relation to their capacity. We have designed them to be stable in tall versions and to be capable of running continuously for many hours. The bucket elevator is designed for transportation of grain, granulates, and other bulk goods.

As regards capacity, the elevator is designed for lifting materials from a JEMA intake conveyor to a JEMA chain conveyor. The upward and downward side of the bucket elevator can be fed with the same capacity.

Standard equipment:

  • Directly mounted gear motor
  • Torque arm for shock absorption
  • Wear plate in elevator head
  • Removable elevator top
  • Self cleaning drive/ tightening drum
  • Tightening function in elevator boot
  • Cleaning hatch in elevator boot
  • Elevator feet
  • Inlet piece 90°
  • Elevator extension with inspection cover and sight glass
  • Back stop
  • Speed control monitor
  • Antistatic belt with steel bucket


  • Cover for geared motor
  • Inlet piece 45° and 3-way inlet
  • 2-way switch 45°/90°, transition pieces and pipe
  • Inlet shutter
  • Aspiration socket
  • Misalignment sensor
  • Explosion outlet
  • Oil resistant belt
  • Extra feet
  • Service platform, ladder, and resting platform

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