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Model T546 - Slurry Tanker



The slurry tank with mixer to fertilizers is applied in transportation, mixing, feeding the sprayers for liquid fertilizers and pesticides. By using the appropriate car anticorrosion coating can also mixed fertilizers RSM.  The vehicle has special pump with multiplier driven from tractor PTO CAM 73,842 capacity 550-1650 l / min. Mixing takes place in a closed circuit during transport when the pump is running.

The car has:

  • braking system,
  • 12V electrical installations,
  • lift with adjustable height of the drawbar.

The vehicle is designed for aggregating the tractor on the hook-type copupling or 'hitch'.

The slurry tanker with the mixer to fertilizers

  • Type T546
  • Capacity 10000 literson the suspension
  • type TANDEM or two sprung axles

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