Table-top Hydroponic Sprouting System

FodderTech is proud to introduce its updated Mini / Table-Top Sprouting System which achieves the highest fodder yields with the least amount of labor of any system on the market today.  This fodder production system is designed to provide production options at 25 lbs., 50 lbs, 75 lbs and 100 lbs. of fresh sprouts daily.  All Mini / Table-Top Sprouting Systems include everything needed to grow the sprouts and are designed to be installed in new or existing climate controlled room with access to water and electricity.

Small Footprint:  The new Mini / Table-Top systems are designed to fit into an existing space and can be stationed on on either the floor or a table-top.  These systems all come fully assembled.

Water & Nutrient Recirculation: Because all of the FodderTech systems recirculate the water, we are able to introduce organic nutrients into the water reservoir which results in larger sprouts and a lower percentage of unsprouted seed and therefore ensures a higher yield than any other system on the market today. We are seeing 80% efficiency on our water usage and we don’t create mud puddles in the summer and ice in the winter around our grow rooms from wasted water.

Labor Minimizing Design: The new design allows for extremely efficient, and best in the industry seeding, harvesting and cleaning. Experienced growers are spending less than 1 hour of labor per ton of fresh sprouts harvested.

Automated Watering: Every FodderTech sprouting system includes a timer to ensure that you are watering when you need to water and for the right length of time.  This timer is part of a full water recirculation system.  The recirculation system is designed specifically for your daily production needs and includes a Tank (for return water and nutrients), Pump, Timer and appropriate Plumbing.

Mold-Free Guarantee:  We, at FodderTech, are so confident that you can grow your sprouts with our system for 7-Days without mold that we are willing to offer you a 100% refund on your system.  Of course there are some rules which you can learn more about by clicking here: Mold-Free Guarantee.

Lowest Operating Costs – Period: When you improve yields, save water and reduce labor, you Save Money!

The Exclusive Benefits of a FodderTech Hydroponic Sprouting System:

FodderTech systems come complete with the sprouting equipment, pumps, meters, and everything necessary to grow quality sprouts inside of a new or existing climate controlled room.  All FodderTech Systems come with following unique benefits:

  • Water and Nutrient Recirculation:  This not only saves water, but improves yields because it cost-effectively distributes FodderTech’s proprietary formulation of organic nutrients, which enhance the natural growth of the sprouts resulting in improves yields.
  • The FodderTech Mold-Free Guarantee:  Allows you to grow your sprouts the full 7-Days without worrying about mold.
  • Labor Saving Design: Allows you to easily harvest your fresh fodder and seed the empty sprouting trays faster and easier than any other system on the market, period.
  • SAVES YOU MONEY!!!: Sprouts will almost always save you money over traditional feeds, but Foddertech growing systems also offer the Lowest Operating Costs of any system available due to Higher Yields, No Mold (over 7 days of growing) and daily Labor Savings!

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