- Model A - Tractor-Mounted Sprayers



The serie of tractor-mounted sprayers Tag “O” is the fruit of long experience of the Company Caffini in the sprayers. Confort and security for the operator and respect of the environment, respecting the CE norms. Extremely compact and at the same time flexible to be used with different booms lenght, hose reels and other accessories. The strong frame is hot galvanized to resist against the chemical products.The capacity of the main tank has been increased of the 10 %. Integrated in the main tank, the hand washing tank and clean water tank with a pratical 3 ways selector.

  • SOFT DAMP “soft damp”, an hydraulic circuit controlled by nitrogen accumulators, which assures a best vertical dampening of the lifting device and of the spraying boom.
  • ELECTROCONTROL D.P.M. 5 “Electrocontrol D.P.M. 5” battery of 5 boom’s section motor-driven valves. In this battery also an electric valve for general closing (by pass) and electric adjustment of the pressure. The fonctionality of the electric distributor is guaranteed from a practical self-cleaning filter.
  • COMPUTER D.P.A.E. “Computer D.P.A.E.” for a total automatic control of the spraying in liters/hectares. It’s extremely easy to programm and control all the fonctions.
  • OLEOMATIC “OLEOMATIC”, electro-hydraulic distributor for the movement of 2-piston spraying boom articulations. It is operated by a joy-stick.
  • PREMIXER SMART  PRE-MELANGEUR SMART  PRE MEZCLADOR SMART “Premixer SMART” for automatic preparation of the chemical mix. All the operations are made with the greatest security for the operator. Included in this.
  • STARTER AIR The sprayer series equipped with “AIR WINGS” wind sleeve draws advantages from the 20 years’ experience and knowledge acquired by our Company in the production of sprayers used for treatment in orchards and vineyards. By this knowledge and after 2 years’ research in co-operation with an important university institute, we developed the “Top-Fan”, a fan showing an extraordinary performance/absorbed power ratio. The heart of the “AIR WINGS” wind sleeve system is therefore completely manufactured by CAFFINI.

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