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Talex s.j.

- Model OPTI CUT 250 - Rear Mounted Disc Mower



Rear mounted CUT series disc mowers, made by Talex, was delevoped in response of growing customers needs. New CUT series is based on newest technologies and queality materials, which improve working comfort. Mowers are made in four working widthsL 2,1m 2,5m 2,8m 3,2m.

  1. Breakaway bar- In case of coming into an immovable obstacle the breakaway device is pulled out and the mower folds backwards giving time to an operator to stop working and evade an obstacle.
  2. Hydraulic cylinder- facilitates maneuvering and transport
  3. Effective spring lightening system- It enable decrease of pressure on the ground, which lowers resistance during work.
  4. Front shield lifting- Raise front shield to get easy access to cutter bar to replace knifes et.
  5. Blade holders - Blade holders made from boron hardened steel. Every machine is supplied with additional knifes and quick change knife tool.
  6. Cutter bar- light version made by COMER
  7. Belt transmission- 4 belts as standard
  8. Support lock: 2 position- working and transport:
  1. Mower can be raised to 30 degrees against 1st stop when turning over crop, this prevents swathed rows being double cut.
  2. When mower is raised at 90 degrees for tranbsport the support lock acts as latch to secure mower.

In additional, mower equipped with:

  • Terrain contour system: Cutter bar operating floating range beteen 0 degrees -8 degrees Beam suspension operating range 0 degrees -12 degrees
  • PTO shaft: 460 Nm with free wheel, 540 RPM 6 spline shaft

Optional accessories for better definition of crop edge:

  • Tempered wear skids- protect against excessive wear, bolt-on mower bed
  • Gear protection system for mower bed- fitted inside ever top cover of mower. It prevents major bed failure.
  • Tempered topping skids- protects against excessive wear

  • Type: Z302/1
  • Disc/ knife number: 6/12
  • Weight: 527 kg
  • Working width: 2,5m
  • Swath width: 2,1 m
  • Power requiment(Bhp): 60
  • Efficiency(ha/h): 3h
  • RPM : 540

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