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- Model GARDEN WIZ - Innovative Smart Bluetooth Landscape Irrigation Controller



The GARDEN WIZ is an innovative smart Bluetooth landscape irrigation controller. Utilizing the new Bluetooth protocol (BLE – Bluetooth low energy), we developed a new low power, smart irrigation controller for private gardens / green balconies.

The GARDEN WIZ has only a DC version, it is powered by 2 X AA alkaline batteries.

It is modular – 1/2/4/6 outputs + Main valve. The outputs can operate a 9V DC latch solenoids

Programing is done easily using the GARDEN WIZ App on your phone / Tablet.

The GARDEN WIZ has two operation modes:

  • Program per valve
  • Three irrigation programs ABC

Additional important features:

  • Different irrigation runtimes per start
  • Main valve delay option
  • Leakage detection
  • No flow irrigation detection
  • Weekly irrigation calendar
  • Faults event log

The GARDEN WIZ has three dedicated inputs:

  • Rain sensor – Automatic irrigation shutdown in case of rain.
  • Flow sensor – Detects leakage and irrigation without water
  • Shutdown– For immediate manual shutdown.

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