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- Defogger Filter



Filter that purifies the air from fumes and oily fog produced from industrial processes. The defogger filter is used to effectively separate the gaseous streams from the liquid droplets dragged by the extracted air. It is used to delay the clogging of a subsequent filter, avoiding costly maintenances. The defogger filter is used in those sectors where air has to purified from fumes and oily fog coming out from industrial processes. The defogger has a circular section and it includes metal filters in Aisi 304.


  • The air flow, gas mixed with liquid pollutant, enters the filter through the conveyor inlet, which is manufactured in a cyclonic shape, tangential to the hopper.
  • The gaseous part moves freely through the pre-filter and through the refining, defogging net.
  • The liquid droplets (oil, hydrocarbons, glycol solution, ammonia, etc.) instead, get in contact with the surface of the filter and thus treated there. Gradually, the droplets penetrate the filter and deposit on the wires of the filtering net, increasing in dimensions and weight. They thereby slide towards the lower part of the separator and fall down. The purified steam from polluting substances leaves the defogger filter from the top.

Standard Equipment

  • inspection door
  • inspection porthole
  • unloading shutter
  • tray to insert and extract the filtering media
  • filtering net composed of a fibre bed pack type 280, formed by a series of nets completely in STAINLESS STEEL 304
  • refining defogging net composed of a bed pack type 415 and a series of micronets completely in STAINLESS STEEL 304.

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