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Control overloads and payment basis with Tamtron timber crane scale. Timber crane scale Tamtron Timber has 99 tons weighing capacity. Weighing can be registered with a press button or by automatic function. Standard delivery includes the press button. Cranes with electric power steering can be equipped with a separate foot pedal for registering the weighing. Scale saves the weighing information of the loaded material by bundle, total loaded or by material type.

High quality and robust weighing link

Tamtron weighing link is the result of development and co-operation with the leading rotator manufacturers. The standard weighing link has a 3 tons capacity and it fits the majority of cranes. Tamtron weighing link comes in several sizes and models up to 25 000 kg. Please contact to the sales team to get more information.

  • Easy to install and use. Less maintenance due to the closed hydraulic pressure transducer.
  • Extensive memory functions for weighing data
  • Data transfer via USB-memory
  • Automatic warning systems for inaccurate weighing results
  • Quick update of software, user and material data via USB drive
  • Robust, reliable and accurate weighing link that is available also with swing break
  • Accurate weighing results allows optimal loads without the risk of overloading
  • Weighing while the crane is moving saves time
  • Many years’ experience of harsh climate

  • For cranes with or without cabin
  • Timber trucks and forwarders
  • Timber weighing
  • REC model for waste and recycling weighing

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