Tandem Tippers



Tandem vehicles can be used onroad as well as offroad.Because of increasing total weights characteristics like road performance or higher possible axle-load become more and more important. Brantner-Tandem tippers are particularly well known because of some features like low height, wide spring distances, wide chassis frame distances or a spring loaded tandem aggregate with control arm compensation and spring support at each axle. As customer you have the possibility to choose from a variety of types from 8 to 23 tons total weight.

ACC 866 surface coating
Because of the innovative ACC866 coating and the 2 component painting by hot spray procedure an excellent protection against corrosion is granted.

The spring-loaded extended tandem aggregate with control arm compensation allow low construction height and best road performance.

hydraulic, grain tight rearwall
The overhead tipping cylinders are well protected and allow a wide opening angle of the rearwall. It is also possible to lock the rearwall in any position you like.

frame closing
Frame closing is developed as stable underride guard therefor the lighting system is particularly good protected.

pressed section-chassis frame
Because of the cold pressed and from one piece manufactured c-sections with additional strut sections the frame is particular stable and no carriage frame problems occur.So we can easyly grant 10 years chassis frame guarantee.

self cleaning, steel plate base
The steel plate base (4 mm or 5 mm) is produced from one piece and folded at all four sides.

trapezoidal tipping frame
Near the tipping cylinder the trapezoidal tipping frame has its maximum hight. Through V-sections a very high stability at low weigh can be achieved (like truck-construction).

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