Automatic Sawing Machine



Patented loading system with stationary drum. Unique in its kind with great ease of loading exclusively in empty channels.

  • Automatic drum rotation.
  • No risk of injury during loading.
  • Energy saving and less wear thanks to the total absence of empty rotations.
  • Total stop by lack of load.
  • 3 load channels with great area for passage of the logs up to 180 mm dia.
  • Cutting length adjustment 25-30-33-40-45 cm.
  • Clean cuts thanks to the secure locking of the logs with a gripper before every single cut.
  • Cutting blade widia dia. 600 mm x hole 30 x 48 teeth, highly available on the market. Its replace is easy and approachable.
  • Azionamento idraulico della lama e comandi elettroidraulici.
  • Hydraulic system with 50 l. oil and filter in suction.
  • Telescopic conveyor belt, 4 m or 5 m long at choice. Pullout and positioning of the tape by manual winches.

  • V.PF PTO at 350 rpm. 3-point connector 1st – 2nd cat.

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