- Model 750 - Saw Benches



Saw benches with combined conveyor belt (foldaway for easy transport). Optionally 750 mm dia. steel or widia blade. Exceptional cutting performance up to 30 cm dia. Cutting trestle with manual tilting as standard (ST). Cutting trestle with optional hydraulic tilting (ID). 4-metre conveyor as standard (5 metres as an option).


  • Telescopic conveyor belt retractable to 2.45 m. max. of height.
  • Conveyor belt with a length of 4 m when open with an inclination of 45°. Loads up to 2.40 m.
  • Conveyor belt with a length of 5 m when open with an inclination of 45° (optional). Loads up to 3.10 m.
  • Double-ply PVC mat, 25 cm width, with vulcanized blades of 6 cm height.
  • Upper tow mat for better pull.
  • PVC belt pulling from above with hydraulic motor.
  • Hydraulic motor speed steady or adjustable (optional).
  • Conveyor belt positioning and extraction with two manual winches.
  • Cut adjustment and removable cut conveyor.
  • The anchor fulcrum of the tilting trestle is fixed onto unbreakable self-lubricating DU bushings.
  • The blade is protected laterally with Ertalon guides.
  • The patented NEXA-System device (see video) guarantees maximum safety to the user (optional).
  • Handling and positioning are guaranteed with the 3-point-connector 1st – 2nd cat. for all models, or with towing hook.

Available versions

  • HV + V.PF = with hydraulic connections for conveyor belt + cardan shaft at 450 rpm.
  • V.PF = for tractor with fixed PTO pump to use with cardan shaft at 450 rpm.
  • EL = 400 Volt 9 kW.
  • Kombi = 400 Volt 5.5 kW + fixed PTO pump at 450 rpm.

THOR advantages and more...

  • Very sturdy and stable structure, easily compactable.
  • High performance oil-cooled cast iron gear box.
  • S1 class electric motors with continuous operation on all versions.
  • Magneto-thermal protections on the EL-motors with high performance.
  • Only THOR gives top value for money!
  • Very strict quality controls; components and semi-finished products of exclusive European manufacture.
  • 35 years of THOR experience in the sector.

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